Data Analytics and Decision Support
As a full-service database-marketing firm, we help our clients develop, test and execute strategic database marketing programs. With proven data solutions, we help you attract new clients, reward and retain your best customers, increase the ROI of your marketing investment, and make better marketing channel investments.
So, everything we do begins and ends with data. With a deep understanding of your database, we develop an intuition for your customers’ needs. Whether building a web site, creating an email campaign or developing a multi-channel communication strategy, the database is always our starting point; and, the return point upon completion of the campaign.

Data Analytics and Decision Support is broken into three core service areas:

Mail File / Data Processing

  • Address Correction & Standardization (Canada and US), De-duplication, Nth Selects, Barcode integration; Canadian and US third class mail sorting (LCP/NDG, carrier route presort), CMA kill file processing
  • File Preparation, Matchbacks, “boutique” processing, data hygiene

Database Construction, Management, Analysis and Maintenance

  • Reporting systems, marketing databases, lead management systems, data marts and cubes, ongoing updates/extracts
  • Test design & significance determination; optimizing for tracking, responses, response capture; database architectures conducive to marketing

Campaign Analysis and Reporting

  • Data auditing, Questionnaire analysis, Customer profiling, Predictive modeling, Segmentation analysis, Geo-demographic profiling and Penetration analysis; along with many other custom reports specific to industry or campaign.
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