E*TRADE Canada
The Challenge

IntelliMarketing was engaged by E*TRADE Canada to provide manageable and digestible information analysis.
  • online campaign activity
  • online signup activity including online completes,
  • drop-offs and information kits requested by mail
  • conversion activity (top campaign performers)

Multiple data sources were used to create the dashboard key metrics displayed. The Portal also included the following other services:

  • Trigger based E-mail marketing and tracking services
  • Dynamic splash page generator
  • Web log analytics
  • Full support for ongoing online/offline analysis
  • through a backend data warehouse (SQL).
The Results

With the assistance of this complex portal and dashboard, key decision makers were able to make immediate marketing decisions based on real-time performance information. Campaigns and media vehicles were evaluated and course corrections implemented within days of campaign deployment. The initial 12 month objective to double their customer base was achieved in under 8 months.


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